At AContrario, we cherish entrepreneurship.

We also strongly believe that legal advice is a means to an end, not an end goal in itself. Which is why we don’t just offer legal advice: we complement it with business counseling.

You see, our ultimate goal is making a valuable contribution to the success and impact achieved by our clients. So we bring practical, hands-on advice to the table. With a no-nonsense approach. All in a language you speak: no legalese allowed!


IP/IT and innovation counseling

We don’t stop at providing legal advice on these matters. We assist in developing solid IT, IP and data protection strategies and show you how you can use specific legislation to your advantage. We help you in acquiring and developing intellectual property assets, leveraging their value for growth, and protecting and enforcing your rights. We’re not just legal experts, but we have a sound commercial understanding of the challenging environment in which you operate.


Entrepreneur counseling and operational support

We understand what your business is about. Because we’re intimately familiar with your challenges and goals as a founder, a manager or an advisor of an innovative company, we can advise on a wide range of operational matters and strategic transactions.  Our support includes end-to-end project management and the management of complex legal processes.


Start-up and growth companies

Practical, hands-on legal advice you can implement immediately is what you need when you hit the ground running. We lead the way and mitigate as many hurdles as possible. Are you an aspiring founder in search of someone to bounce ideas off? Looking for a guide through the incorporation process? Or counseling on strategic transactions and exit opportunities? Come and talk to us.

In search of an experienced sparring partner or legal side-kick? Or just curious about what we could help you achieve? Let’s talk!